Four Countries Thematic Data
United Kingdom
Britain is one of important trading partners of China. With the help of the law,the Sino-British bilateral trade makes sustainable development.Click for more United Kingdom legal information.
Good order is the foundation of all things.
Btritish statesman, E.Burke
European Union
European Union law consists of three parts.The first is the Basic Law;second is complementary regulations;third is case law.Three components of the law push trade forward.Click for more European Union legal information.
One of the most striking and salutary thing in Ameican life is the widespread study of law.
Alexis de Tocqueville ,French judge
United States
United States economic development level and resource structure have a important influence to world trade.The law is the strong backing of the United States economy.Click for more United States legal information.
Law is the crystallization of the habit and thought of society.
American president, Woodrow Wilson
New Zealand
New Zealand has a closely connection with China in goods,services,trade,investment and other aspects. Thus,the comprehensive understanding of New Zealand legal information is essential for long-term development of bilateral trade.Click for more New Zealand legal information.
Law is order, and good law is good order.
Ancient Greek Philosopher, Aristotle