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High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland Queen's Bench Division
McAnne** v McC**[2005] NIQB 14(04 March 2005)
X v X Ltd[2005] NIQB 37(28 April 2005)
X v Canni** & Anor (t/a MC Construction And JT Caruthers)[2005] NIQB 44(01 June 2005)
Gardin** v X Ltd[2006] NIQB 95(13 March 2006)
X Recovery Agency, The Director of v Love** & Ors[2007] NIQB 44(29 May 2007)
Ho** v McAte**[2003] NIQB 57(29 August 2003)
A & Ors. Re Application for Judicial Review [2007] NIQB 30
Beatt** v Ulst** Television Plc[2005] NIQB 36(21 April 2005)
McCono** v D**[2006] NIQB 65(04 October 2006)
Hear** v Finneg** & Anor[2009] NIQB 21(03 February 2009)
Cly** v Hutchins**[2003] NIQB 74(18 December 2003)
Walk** v Stewa**[2008] NIQB 109(14 October 2008)
Bo**-Bass** v Hutchinso** & Ors[2005] NIQB 86(28 October 2005)
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