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Circular of the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China on Adjustment in the Passenger Fuel Surcharge for Domestic Flights
Fa Gai Jia Ge [2006] No.1683
The Development and Reform Commissions and Price Bureaus of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, all District Administrations of CAAC and all Air Carriers:
   Upon approval by the State Council, an adjustment in the passenger fuel surcharge for domestic flights will be implemented in light with the recent change in domestic aviation fuel price. Notice on matters concerned is as follows:

 According to the adjustment, the passenger jetliner fuel surcharges on domestic flights for each passenger flying less than 800 kilometers shall rise to 60 yuan from the current 30 yuan and those on routes over 800 kilometers shall pay a 100-yuan surcharge, up from 60 yuan The rises are to be implemented on September 1st, 2006, subject to flight times. Passengers who have booked the tickets in advance are exempted from the recharge.

 Infants, charged by 10% of the general full, shall continue to be exempt from this surcharge; children (including unaccompanied children), disabled revolutionary servicemen, and people's police disabled while on duty, charged by 50% of the general full, shall continue to be charged by half of the surcharge, namely 30 yuan for each passenger whose traveling distance is less than 800 kilometers, and 50 yuan over this distance.

 All levels of departments in charge of price shall protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers by strengthening their supervision and inspection over the implementation of the aviation transportation prices, and investigating and handling illegal acts on price in time.

The National Development and Reform Commission
The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China
August 24 2006