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United States

    1. Section 4-1-1 Authority of counties and municipalities to issue bonds for acquisition, improvement, etc., of airports and facilities therefor.
    1. Article 1 General Provisions.
      1. Section 4-2-1 Short title.
      2. Section 4-2-2 Purpose of chapter.
      3. Section 4-2-3 Definitions.
      4. Section 4-2-4 Jurisdiction of crimes and torts; state, municipal, etc., immunity from tort liability.
      5. Section 4-2-5 Contracts made during flight.
      6. Section 4-2-6 Domestic animals or fowl on airports, landing fields or other aeronautical facilities.
      7. Section 4-2-7 Trespass and operation of vehicles on airports, landing fields or other aeronautical facilities.
      8. Section 4-2-9 Use of aircraft for hunting, etc., prohibited.
      9. Section 4-2-10 Reckless operation of aircraft.
      10. Section 4-2-11 Unauthorized use, possession, etc., of aircraft.
      11. Section 4-2-12 Penalties for violations of chapter; separate violations.
      12. Section 4-2-13 Repeal of conflicting laws.
    2. Article 2 State Aeronautics Department and Aeronautics Commission.
      1. Section 4-2-30 State Aeronautics Department and Aeronautics Commission created; composition of department and commission; qualifications, appointment, terms of office, compensation and removal of members of commission.
      2. Section 4-2-31 Aeronautics Commission — Organization; meetings; annual report to Governor; fiscal year.
      3. Section 4-2-32 Aeronautics Commission — Offices; employees; expenditures.
      4. Section 4-2-33 Aeronautics Commission — Powers and duties generally.
      5. Section 4-2-34 Aeronautics Commission — Functions declared public and governmental.
      6. Section 4-2-35 Director of Aeronautics — Appointment, qualifications, term of office and compensation; delegation of powers and duties by commission.
      7. Section 4-2-35.1 Assistant Director of Aeronautics — Appointment; salary; duties and responsibilities.
      8. Section 4-2-36 Director of Aeronautics — Powers and duties generally.
      9. Section 4-2-37 Procedure for adoption and effect of rules and regulations of commission; rules and regulations open to public inspection.
      10. Section 4-2-38 Financial and technical assistance to municipalities in connection with acquisition, construction, etc., of public airports, landing fields or other navigational facilities.
      11. Section 4-2-39 Cooperation with federal government in acquisition, construction, etc., of airports and other navigational facilities; compliance with federal laws and regulations for federal funding thereof.
      12. Section 4-2-40 Authority to accept, receive and receipt for federal funds for state acquisition, construction, etc., of airports and other navigational facilities; authority to act as agent of municipalities for same purpose; terms and conditions of such agency; terms and conditions for disposition of federal funds generally.
      13. Section 4-2-41 Authority to receive other grants, donations, loans, etc.; disposition of same; expenditures from State Aeronautics Department Fund for general promotion, advancement, etc., of aeronautics and for airports or other aeronautical facilities or services authorized.
      14. Section 4-2-42 State Airports Development Fund; other special funds.
      15. Section 4-2-43 Law governing contracts for acquisition, construction, etc., of airports or other navigational facilities.
      16. Section 4-2-44 Disposition and disbursement of federal funds.
      17. Section 4-2-45 Disbursement of department funds in State Treasury; exception as to certain funds deposited in military surplus fund; expenses incurred by department.
      18. Section 4-2-46 Intervention in certain controversies with federal government or foreign states.
      19. Section 4-2-47 Enforcement of aeronautics laws; enforcement powers generally; appointment, qualifications, removal, etc., of deputies to aid in enforcement.
      20. Section 4-2-48 Investigations, etc., concerning certain matters; public hearings; enforcement of subpoena or order.
      21. Section 4-2-49 Reports of investigations, etc.; limitations on use thereof; prohibition against compulsion of testimony of commissioner, director, etc., as to certain matters or in certain proceedings.
      22. Section 4-2-50 Reasons to accompany orders, etc., of commission; service of orders upon interested persons; authority to inspect airports, landing fields, other navigational facilities, etc.; procedure for rehearing or appeal of commission's orders, etc.
      23. Section 4-2-51 Failure to file appeal.
    3. Article 3 Airspace, Air Navigation Facilities, Aircraft, Airmen and Air Instruction.
      1. Section 4-2-70 State sovereignty over airspace; declaration of policy.
      2. Section 4-2-71 Formulation, adoption, etc., of aircraft approach plans by commission; air navigation hazards declared not in public interest; airspace reservations.
      3. Section 4-2-72 Approval of sites and licensing of airports, etc.; regulation of aircraft, airmen, air schools and instructors.
      4. Section 4-2-73 Operation of airport, landing field, etc., without license prohibited; application for certificate of approval of proposed airport or landing field site prior to acquisition of property required; limitation of operations conducted on licensed airport.
      5. Section 4-2-74 Certificate of approval or license for airport, landing field, etc. — Notice; public hearing; order.
      6. Section 4-2-75 Certificate of approval or license for airport, landing field, etc. — Standards for issuance.
      7. Section 4-2-76 Operation as airman or operation, etc., of aircraft without federal license, certificate or permit.
      8. Section 4-2-77 Operation of air or ground school, etc., without federal license, certificate or permit.
      9. Section 4-2-78 Possession, display, etc., of federal airman and aircraft license, certificate or permit and of state registration; display of state airport license.
      10. Section 4-2-79 Revocation of airport, etc., certificate of approval or license; suspension of operations of aircraft, airmen, air schools, airports, etc., under certain circumstances.
      11. Section 4-2-80 Exceptions.
    4. Article 4 State Airports.
      1. Section 4-2-90 Acquisition, construction, operation, disposition, etc., of airports, facilities, etc.; power of condemnation generally; grant of right of exclusive use of airport, landing field, etc., prohibited.
      2. Section 4-2-91 Acquisition of easements and other airport protection privileges.
      3. Section 4-2-92 Joint activities with other government agencies.
      4. Section 4-2-93 Exercise of power of eminent domain in name of state; right of entry for surveys and examinations; possession of property after filing of petition; abandonment of condemnation proceedings.
      5. Section 4-2-94 Lease of property, airports or space, improvements, etc., thereon; sale of property, etc., to other governmental bodies for aeronautical purposes; airport concessions.
      6. Section 4-2-95 Charges or rental for properties or services; liens for services rendered.
    1. Section 4-2A-1 Definitions.
    2. Section 4-2A-2 Formation of corporation with ten individual citizens; selection of citizens.
    3. Section 4-2A-3 Citizens to present application to Secretary of State.
    4. Section 4-2A-4 Public corporation formed upon filing and recording of application; certificate of incorporation; no fees or compensation to secretary.
    5. Section 4-2A-5 Members of authority; terms of appointment; board of directors; quorum; meetings; proceedings of board, reimbursement; impeachment; officers; State Treasurer as custodian of funds.
    6. Section 4-2A-6 Powers of authority.
    7. Section 4-2A-7 Acceptance, expenditure, etc., of federal, state, county, municipal and other moneys.
    8. Section 4-2A-8 Powers of state or any county, municipality, etc., for purpose of aiding and cooperating with authority.
    9. Section 4-2A-9 Authority authorized to issue and sell bonds; principal, interest payable from specified sources; bonds to be obligations of authority; form, terms, etc.; redemption; sale.
    10. Section 4-2A-10 Publication of bond notice; specific time after publication in which actions and defenses may be asserted against bonds.
    11. Section 4-2A-11 Signatures and seal affixed to bonds.
    12. Section 4-2A-12 Bonds may be issued under and secured by indenture; Debt Service Reserve Fund.
    13. Section 4-2A-13 Proceeds derived from sale of bonds used to pay specified costs.
    14. Section 4-2A-14 Refunding bonds.
    15. Section 4-2A-15 Bonds as legal investments for state, public officers, public corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies, fiduciaries, etc.
    16. Section 4-2A-16 Investment of trust fund in bonds.
    17. Section 4-2A-17 Exemption from taxation; exceptions.
    18. Section 4-2A-18 Exemption from laws from which certain other airport authorities are exempt; zoning powers; conditions on annexation of authority's airports, facilities, etc.
    19. Section 4-2A-19 Sale, distribution, regulation, control of alcoholic beverages; issuance of liquor licenses.
    20. Section 4-2A-20 Participation by authority employees in State Employees' Retirement System.
    21. Section 4-2A-21 Disposal of lost money or property found on authority property.
    22. Section 4-2A-22 Regulation of parking on authority property.
    23. Section 4-2A-23 Dissolution of authority.
    1. Article 1 General Provisions.
      1. Section 4-3-1 Definitions.
      2. Section 4-3-2 Procedure for incorporation.
      3. Section 4-3-3 Contents of certificate of incorporation.
      4. Section 4-3-4 Execution and recordation of certificate of incorporation.
      5. Section 4-3-5 Board of directors of authority.
      6. Section 4-3-6 Officers of authority.
      7. Section 4-3-7 Immunity of authority and directors from liability for negligence.
      8. Section 4-3-8 Exemption of bonds, property and income of authority from taxation; concessionaires, tenants, etc., subject to state and local taxation.
      9. Section 4-3-9 Tax or license for use of public streets, etc., leading to or from airport, etc., prohibited.
      10. Section 4-3-10 Exemption from state contracting, purchasing and zoning restrictions; zoning powers.
      11. Section 4-3-11 Powers of authority generally.
      12. Section 4-3-12 Federal and state aid.
      13. Section 4-3-13 Assistance and cooperation by counties, municipalities, etc.
      14. Section 4-3-14 Issuance and sale of bonds by authority; form, denominations, terms, etc., of bonds.
      15. Section 4-3-15 Publication of notice of bond resolution; limitation period for proceedings to challenge validity of bonds, proceedings for issuance, etc.
      16. Section 4-3-16 Execution and delivery of bonds.
      17. Section 4-3-17 Security for bonds.
      18. Section 4-3-18 Use of proceeds from sale of bonds.
      19. Section 4-3-19 Refunding bonds.
      20. Section 4-3-20 Investment of county, municipal, etc., funds in bonds.
      21. Section 4-3-21 Eligibility of bonds as investments for trusts, savings banks, insurance companies, etc.
      22. Section 4-3-22 Procedure for dissolution of authority.
      23. Section 4-3-23 Certain contracts or legal actions validated.
      24. Section 4-3-24 Provisions of article cumulative.
    2. Article 2 Alternate Procedure for Incorporation.
      1. Section 4-3-40 Definitions.
      2. Section 4-3-41 Authority and procedure for incorporation; reincorporation of existing airport authorities.
      3. Section 4-3-42 Certificate of incorporation - Contents.
      4. Section 4-3-43 Certificate of incorporation - Execution and recordation.
      5. Section 4-3-44 Certificate of incorporation - Amendment.
      6. Section 4-3-45 Board of directors of authority.
      7. Section 4-3-46 Officers of authority; personnel.
      8. Section 4-3-47 Powers of authority generally.
      9. Section 4-3-48 Receipt, expenditure, etc., of federal, state and local aid.
      10. Section 4-3-49 Assistance and cooperation by counties, municipalities, etc.
      11. Section 4-3-50 Civil actions against authority, directors, etc.
      12. Section 4-3-51 Bonds - Issuance and sale generally; payment of principal and interest generally; form, denominations, terms, etc.
      13. Section 4-3-52 Bonds - Publication of notice of bond; limitation period for actions or proceedings to challenge proceedings for issuance of bonds, etc.
      14. Section 4-3-53 Bonds - Execution and delivery.
      15. Section 4-3-54 Bonds - Security for payment of principal and interest.
      16. Section 4-3-55 Bonds - Disposition of proceeds from sale.
      17. Section 4-3-56 Refunding bonds.
      18. Section 4-3-57 Investment of county or municipal funds in bonds.
      19. Section 4-3-58 Eligibility of bonds as investment for trusts, savings banks, insurance companies, etc.
      20. Section 4-3-59 Exemption of bonds, property and income of authority from taxation; concessionaires, tenants, etc., of authority subject to state and local taxation; exemption from payment of deed recording fees and roll-back taxes.
      21. Section 4-3-60 Exemption from state contracting, purchasing and zoning restrictions; zoning powers.
      22. Section 4-3-61 Procedure for dissolution.
      23. Section 4-3-62 Provisions of article cumulative.
    3. Article 3 Borrowing by Municipalities.
      1. Section 4-3-80 Authority and procedure.
    1. Section 4-4-1 Definitions.
    2. Section 4-4-2 Authority to acquire, establish, etc., municipal airports.
    3. Section 4-4-3 Use of parks for airports, etc.
    4. Section 4-4-4 Municipal, etc., immunity from liability for negligence.
    5. Section 4-4-5 Methods of acquisition.
    6. Section 4-4-6 Acquisition of lands by condemnation.
    7. Section 4-4-7 Control of airports by municipal governing bodies; delegation of powers to other bodies or officers.
    8. Section 4-4-8 Municipality may provide goods, services, etc.; grant of concessions.
    9. Section 4-4-9 Municipal liens for supplies, services, etc.; liens of concessionaires; priority and enforcement of liens.
    10. Section 4-4-10 Abatement or removal of hazards; acquisition of air rights; markers or lights on hazards.
    11. Section 4-4-11 Bonds for airport purposes.
    12. Section 4-4-12 Joint airports.
    13. Section 4-4-13 Procedure for sale of airports; disposition of proceeds of sale.
    14. Section 4-4-14 Municipal regulation of private airports.
    15. Section 4-4-15 Police powers as to airports.
    16. Section 4-4-16 Provisions of chapter cumulative.
    1. Section 4-5-1 Applicability and purpose of chapter.
    2. Section 4-5-2 Issuance and sale; form; denominations; terms; disposition of proceeds of sale.
    3. Section 4-5-3 Pledge of special taxes.
    4. Section 4-5-4 Refunding warrants and certificates.
    5. Section 4-5-5 Provisions of chapter control as to warrants or certificates issued hereunder.
  7. Chapter 6 AIRPORT ZONING.
    1. Section 4-6-1 Short title.
    2. Section 4-6-2 Definitions.
    3. Section 4-6-3 Airport hazards contrary to public interest; elimination, alteration, etc., of hazards declared public purpose.
    4. Section 4-6-4 Authority of counties and municipalities to adopt regulations; zoning jurisdiction of counties and municipalities.
    5. Section 4-6-5 Airport zoning commission.
    6. Section 4-6-6 Procedure for adoption of regulations.
    7. Section 4-6-7 Reasonableness of regulations; standards for adoption of regulations; nonconforming uses.
    8. Section 4-6-8 Permits; variances; installation, etc., of markers and lights upon airport hazards.
    9. Section 4-6-9 Administration and enforcement of regulations.
    10. Section 4-6-10 Powers and duties of administrative agency; procedure and records of official actions of agency.
    11. Section 4-6-11 Appeals from action of administrative agency or governing body.
    12. Section 4-6-12 Remedies for correction, abatement, etc., of violations of regulations, etc.
    13. Section 4-6-13 Acquisition of air rights, easements, etc.
    14. Section 4-6-14 Chapter not to affect existing municipal zoning ordinances, boundaries, etc.
    15. Section 4-6-15 Relation of airport zoning regulations to comprehensive zoning regulations.
    1. Section 4-7-1 Cities may furnish sites for federal stations; procedure for acquisition and conveyance of property.
    2. Section 4-7-2 City may pay awards and costs of condemnation proceedings by federal government.
    3. Section 4-7-3 Cooperation with federal government in establishment and operation of stations.
    1. Section 4-9-1 Established.
    2. Section 4-9-2 Powers and duties of board of directors generally.
    3. Section 4-9-3 Powers and duties of association generally; formulation of rules and regulations by board of directors.
    4. Section 4-9-4 Helicopter Pilots Education and Instruction Fund.
    5. Section 4-9-5 Designation of association as state agency for receipt of surplus federal aircraft and equipment and grants, etc., of public funds.
    6. Section 4-9-6 Supervision of association by State Superintendent of Education.
    7. Section 4-9-7 Appointment, etc., of board of special directors.
Section 4-1-1

Authority of counties and municipalities to issue bonds for acquisition, improvement, etc., of airports and facilities therefor.

In addition to all other objects and purposes for which bonds may be issued by counties and municipalities under the laws of this state, counties and municipalities in this state shall have full and continuing power and authority, within the limits and subject to the provisions of the constitution now in effect or hereinafter provided, to issue and sell bonds, which shall be general obligations of the county or municipality issuing the same, for the following purposes or any thereof: Acquiring then existing air fields and airports; acquiring real estate for the construction of air fields or airports or for constructing enlargements thereof and extensions thereto; constructing and acquiring buildings, runways and other improvements and facilities and equipment for air fields and airports on any lands now or hereafter acquired or in order to make enlargements of and extensions to any thereof at any time existing which may now be owned or which may hereafter be acquired. All such bonds so issued shall be subject to the applicable provisions of Sections 11-81-1 through 11-81-32 and 11-81-50 through 11-81-68.

(Acts 1945, No. 393, p. 612.)
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