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United States

  1. Chapter 1 ALABAMA HIGHWAYS.
    1. Article 1 General Provisions.
      1. Section 23-1-1 Contracts and regulations relative to federal assistance.
      2. Section 23-1-2 Bid guaranty.
      3. Section 23-1-3 Closing of public roads to traffic; acquisition of materials.
      4. Section 23-1-4 Permit required to dig up, etc., roads for utilities, railroads, etc.; restoration of road required upon completion of work; bond, etc., to guarantee restoration.
      5. Section 23-1-5 Payment of costs of relocation of utility facilities necessitated by construction of highways.
      6. Section 23-1-6 Signs, markers, and advertising - On rights-of-way.
      7. Section 23-1-7 Signs, markers, and advertising - Tourist attractions.
      8. Section 23-1-8 Numbers and names of highways.
      9. Section 23-1-8.1 Expenditure of state funds for erection and maintenance of signs designating roads, bridges, etc., in honor or memory of individuals.
      10. Section 23-1-9 Elimination of railroad grade crossings.
      11. Section 23-1-10 "Blue reflective markers" and "fire/water hydrant" defined; purpose and installation of blue reflective markers.
    2. Article 2 Department of Transportation.
      1. Section 23-1-20 Creation.
      2. Section 23-1-21 Director of Transportation.
      3. Section 23-1-21.1 Definitions.
      4. Section 23-1-21.2 Authority of director with regard to public transportation.
      5. Section 23-1-21.3 Cooperation with federal, state and local entities in administration of public transportation programs.
      6. Section 23-1-22 Chief engineer - Office created; appointment, salary, expenses and bond; applicability of Merit System.
      7. Section 23-1-23 Chief engineer - Qualifications.
      8. Section 23-1-24 Chief engineer - Duties.
      9. Section 23-1-25 Legal division - Creation; appointment of chief counsel.
      10. Section 23-1-26 Legal division - Appointment of assistant counsel; chief and assistant counsel to be commissioned and take oath as assistant attorneys general.
      11. Section 23-1-27 Legal division - Salaries.
      12. Section 23-1-28 Legal division - Offices, etc.; expenses.
      13. Section 23-1-29 Legal division - Charging of salaries and expenses.
      14. Section 23-1-30 Legal division - Functions and duties.
      15. Section 23-1-31 Legal division - Private practice prohibited.
      16. Section 23-1-32 Offices; director full-time position.
      17. Section 23-1-33 Official records of department; appointment of assistants and personnel.
      18. Section 23-1-34 Copies of plans and specifications to be kept; files and records open to public inspection; records as evidence.
      19. Section 23-1-35 Annual report to Governor.
      20. Section 23-1-36 Employees used on transferred county roads and bridges.
      21. Section 23-1-37 Use of convict labor.
      22. Section 23-1-38 Paying expenses of nonemployees prohibited.
      23. Section 23-1-39 Seal; power to administer oaths, etc.
      24. Section 23-1-40 Duties and powers generally.
      25. Section 23-1-41 Self-insurance program for department employees.
      26. Section 23-1-42 Roads, etc., located on state institutions.
      27. Section 23-1-43 State agricultural experiment station roads.
      28. Section 23-1-44 Right of entry for purpose of making surveys and taking soil samples.
      29. Section 23-1-45 Acquisition of rights-of-way.
      30. Section 23-1-46 Changes or additions to state road system.
      31. Section 23-1-47 Authority to maintain, etc., city and town streets and roads.
      32. Section 23-1-48 Application by counties for construction or maintenance of state road or bridge.
      33. Section 23-1-49 Furnishing of competent engineers.
      34. Section 23-1-50 Authority to procure equipment; payment of expenses.
      35. Section 23-1-50.1 Road machinery and equipment management program; Equipment Management Surplus Reserve Account.
      36. Section 23-1-51 Purchase of motor fuels, oils, greases, and lubricants.
      37. Section 23-1-52 License exemption for vehicles of department.
      38. Section 23-1-53 Contracts to do work - Authority.
      39. Section 23-1-54 Contracts to do work - How drawn and approved.
      40. Section 23-1-55 Contracts to do work - Preconditions.
      41. Section 23-1-56 Contracts to do work - Qualification of bidders.
      42. Section 23-1-57 Agreements and contracts with adjoining states and federal government relative to bridges.
      43. Section 23-1-58 Interest of employees, etc., in construction, etc., of roads and bridges prohibited.
      44. Section 23-1-59 Rules and regulations of department.
      45. Section 23-1-60 Authority of Director of Transportation to alter plans or character of work, determine need for extra work, make supplemental agreements, etc.
      46. Section 23-1-61 State Highway Fund - Appropriations; vehicle license fees deposited in fund; manner of making payments from fund.
      47. Section 23-1-62 State Highway Fund - Purposes for which used.
      48. Section 23-1-63 Limitation of obligations, etc., outstanding or authorized on inauguration date of incoming Governor.
      49. Section 23-1-64 Disposal of surplus personal property - Department to be responsible for disposal; sale at fair market value and payment; preferences; notification by municipalities and counties.
      50. Section 23-1-65 Disposal of surplus personal property - Availability; list of surplus property.
      51. Section 23-1-66 Disposal of surplus personal property - Sale procedures.
    3. Article 3 Public Roads, Bridges and Ferries.
      1. Section 23-1-80 County commissions - Powers and duties generally.
      2. Section 23-1-81 County commissions - Authority to establish, operate, etc., bridges, ferries, causeways, etc.; licensing.
      3. Section 23-1-82 County commissions - Eminent domain.
      4. Section 23-1-83 Transfer of general fund surplus to road fund by county.
      5. Section 23-1-84 Authority of county to expend funds derived from fees, etc., levied on vehicles and fuels.
      6. Section 23-1-85 Construction of electric transmission, telegraph, or telephone lines in right-of-way of county highways.
      7. Section 23-1-86 Establishment, etc., within municipalities.
      8. Section 23-1-87 Expense of building county line bridges, ferries, or causeways.
      9. Section 23-1-88 Facilities between adjoining counties - Authority of counties to build, establish, etc.
      10. Section 23-1-89 Facilities between adjoining counties - Extension of aid by other counties.
      11. Section 23-1-90 Extension of aid by municipalities.
      12. Section 23-1-91 Aid for development of access roads or bridges to certain facilities by contiguous counties or municipalities.
      13. Section 23-1-92 Advertisement for contract bids - Requirement.
      14. Section 23-1-93 Advertisement for contract bids - Exceptions.
      15. Section 23-1-94 Construction of article not to conflict with local or special laws.
      16. Section 23-1-95 Violation of rules, etc., enacted by county commissions.
    4. Article 3A Roads and Bridges in Captive Counties.
      1. Section 23-1-100 "Captive county" defined.
      2. Section 23-1-101 Powers and duties of county commissions of captive counties as to construction, repair, and maintenance of county roads and bridges generally.
      3. Section 23-1-102 Transfer to counties of unexpended funds maintained by State Department of Transportation; payment to counties of tax proceeds, federal aid accruals, etc.
      4. Section 23-1-103 Transfer to counties by State Department of Transportation of facilities and properties for construction, repair, and maintenance of roads; resolution of disputes as to transfers.
      5. Section 23-1-104 Furnishing of counties with lists of persons employed by State Department of Transportation therein; employment by counties of persons on lists; employment status of other persons employed by department in counties; liability for accumulated obligations due and payable to present employees of department; payment by department of accumulated sick leave of transferred employee.
      6. Section 23-1-105 Effect of article upon contracts for construction, repair and maintenance of county roads and bridges entered into by State Department of Transportation.
      7. Section 23-1-106 Effect of article upon outstanding financial obligations incurred by counties; disposition of funds received by state from counties for road and bridge work therein.
      8. Section 23-1-107 Effective date.
    5. Article 4 Municipal Connecting Link Roads.
      1. Section 23-1-110 Purpose of article.
      2. Section 23-1-111 Designation.
      3. Section 23-1-112 Maintenance and repair - Responsibility.
      4. Section 23-1-113 Maintenance and repair - Stipulations and conditions.
    6. Article 5 Private Roads.
      1. Section 23-1-130 Establishment.
      2. Section 23-1-131 Proceedings; limitations as to location; damages.
    7. Article 6 Alabama Highway Authority.
      1. Section 23-1-150 Purpose and construction of article.
      2. Section 23-1-151 Incorporation - Authorization.
      3. Section 23-1-152 Incorporation - Application.
      4. Section 23-1-153 Incorporation - Certificate.
      5. Section 23-1-154 Members, officers and directors; quorum; vacancies; compensation; record of proceedings.
      6. Section 23-1-155 Powers.
      7. Section 23-1-156 Contracts; conveyance of property to state.
      8. Section 23-1-157 Bonds - Generally.
      9. Section 23-1-158 Bonds - Disposition of proceeds.
      10. Section 23-1-159 Bonds - Payments by State Treasurer.
      11. Section 23-1-160 Dissolution.
    8. Article 7 Alabama Highway Finance Corporation.
      1. Section 23-1-170 Purpose and construction of article.
      2. Section 23-1-171 Incorporation - Authorization.
      3. Section 23-1-172 Incorporation - Application.
      4. Section 23-1-173 Incorporation - Certificate.
      5. Section 23-1-174 Members, officers and directors; quorum; vacancies; compensation; record of proceedings.
      6. Section 23-1-175 Powers.
      7. Section 23-1-176 Contracts; conveyance of property to state.
      8. Section 23-1-177 Bonds - Generally.
      9. Section 23-1-178 Bonds - Disposition of proceeds.
      10. Section 23-1-179 Bonds - Payments by State Treasurer.
      11. Section 23-1-181 Appropriations and pledges of revenue for payment of principal and interest on bonds generally; sinking fund.
      12. Section 23-1-180 Dissolution.
    9. Article 8 Relocation Assistance.
    10. Article 8A Relocation Assistance.
      1. Section 23-1-210 Authorization to provide relocation assistance.
      2. Section 23-1-211 Payments.
      3. Section 23-1-212 Authority of Director of Transportation.
    11. Article 9 Highway Beautification.
      1. Division 1 Scenic Enhancement.
        1. Section 23-1-220 Short title.
        2. Section 23-1-221 Purpose of division.
        3. Section 23-1-222 Authority of Director of Transportation to acquire land.
        4. Section 23-1-223 Interest in acquired land; manner of acquisition.
      2. Division 2 Junkyard Control.
        1. Section 23-1-240 Short title.
        2. Section 23-1-241 Definitions.
        3. Section 23-1-242 Declaration of policy.
        4. Section 23-1-243 License - Required.
        5. Section 23-1-244 License - Issuance, revocation, and renewal; fees.
        6. Section 23-1-245 License - Conditions.
        7. Section 23-1-246 Screening - Existing junkyards.
        8. Section 23-1-247 Screening - Rules and regulations.
        9. Section 23-1-248 Authority of director - Acquisition of land.
        10. Section 23-1-249 Authority of director - Regulations; agreements with United States Department of Transportation.
        11. Section 23-1-250 Penalty for violation of division; abatement of nuisances.
        12. Section 23-1-251 Construction of division.
      3. Division 3 Outdoor Advertising.
        1. Section 23-1-270 Short title.
        2. Section 23-1-271 Definitions.
        3. Section 23-1-272 Declaration of policy.
        4. Section 23-1-273 Erection or maintenance of signs - Prohibited in adjacent areas; exceptions.
        5. Section 23-1-274 Erection or maintenance of signs - Controls; criteria.
        6. Section 23-1-275 Erection or maintenance of signs - Permits; identification tags or decals.
        7. Section 23-1-276 Erection or maintenance of signs - Name and address of owner and date of erection to appear on signs, etc.
        8. Section 23-1-277 Erection or maintenance of signs - Exceptions to Sections 23-1-275 and 23-1-276.
        9. Section 23-1-278 Enforcement of division generally.
        10. Section 23-1-279 Nonconforming signs - Removal and payment of compensation generally.
        11. Section 23-1-280 Nonconforming signs - Just compensation to be paid upon removal of signs.
        12. Section 23-1-281 Nonconforming signs - Just compensation - For what paid.
        13. Section 23-1-282 Nonconforming signs - Just compensation - To whom paid; agreements; civil actions.
        14. Section 23-1-283 Nonconforming signs - Just compensation - Sufficient federal funds required.
        15. Section 23-1-284 Agreement with United States Secretary of Transportation.
        16. Section 23-1-285 Director authorized to accept federal funds.
        17. Section 23-1-286 Rules and regulations.
        18. Section 23-1-287 Disposition of fees.
        19. Section 23-1-288 Penalty for violation of division, etc.
    12. Article 9A Alabama Scenic Byways Program.
      1. Section 23-1-290 Short title.
      2. Section 23-1-291 Legislative findings.
      3. Section 23-1-292 Program established.
      4. Section 23-1-293 Designating Committee.
      5. Section 23-1-294 Advisory Council.
      6. Section 23-1-295 Nomination of potential scenic byways.
    13. Article 10 Federal Aid Highway Finance Authority.
      1. Section 23-1-300 Purpose and construction of article.
      2. Section 23-1-301 Definitions.
      3. Section 23-1-302 Incorporation - Authorization.
      4. Section 23-1-303 Incorporation - Application.
      5. Section 23-1-304 Incorporation - Certificate.
      6. Section 23-1-305 Corporation - Generally.
      7. Section 23-1-306 Corporation - Powers.
      8. Section 23-1-307 Bonds and notes - Authorization for issuance.
      9. Section 23-1-308 Bonds and notes - Form, denominations, terms, redemption, etc.
      10. Section 23-1-310 Bonds and notes - Issuance and sale generally.
      11. Section 23-1-309 Bonds and notes - Execution.
      12. Section 23-1-312 Bonds and notes - Exemption from taxation; use as security for deposits; eligibility as investment for fiduciary funds.
      13. Section 23-1-311 Bonds and notes - Payment generally; pledge of funds for payment of principal and interest thereon generally; negotiability.
      14. Section 23-1-313 Bonds and notes - Disposition of proceeds from sale generally.
      15. Section 23-1-314 Bonds and notes - Payment generally.
      16. Section 23-1-315 Investment of proceeds from sale of bonds and notes and funds in sinking fund; pledge of interest from investments.
      17. Section 23-1-316 Payment by State Treasurer of principal and interest on bonds and notes; maintenance of records pertaining thereto.
      18. Section 23-1-317 Expenditure of proceeds; contracts; rules and regulations; conveyance of property.
      19. Section 23-1-318 Dissolution.
    14. Article 11 Rural Access Program.
      1. Section 23-1-330 Short title.
      2. Section 23-1-331 Definitions.
      3. Section 23-1-332 Creation; revenue sources; allocation of revenue; use of funds; funds to be matched; obligation limitations; role of department; unobligated funds.
      4. Section 23-1-333 County to maintain roads constructed with funds.
    15. Article 12 Regulations of Aeronautics, Aircraft, and Airports Generally.
      1. Section 23-1-350 Purpose of article.
      2. Section 23-1-351 Transfer of property, funds, authority, and jurisdiction to the State Department of Transportation.
      3. Section 23-1-352 Definitions.
      4. Section 23-1-353 Transfer of personnel.
      5. Section 23-1-354 Aeronautics Commission - Composition; qualifications; appointment; terms of office; compensation; removal.
      6. Section 23-1-355 Aeronautics Commission - Responsibilities.
      7. Section 23-1-356 Aeronautics Commission - Meetings; election of officers.
      8. Section 23-1-357 Department - General supervision over aeronautics; cooperation with federal government and political subdivisions of the state; promulgation of rules and regulations.
      9. Section 23-1-358 Director - Powers and duties generally.
      10. Section 23-1-359 Authority and procedure for adoption of rules and regulations.
      11. Section 23-1-360 Financial and technical assistance to municipalities in connection with acquisition, construction of airports, landing fields, or other navigational facilities.
      12. Section 23-1-361 Authority to accept and receive federal funds for state acquisition, construction, etc., of airports and other navigational facilities; authority to act as agent of municipalities for same purpose; terms and conditions for disbursement of federal funds.
      13. Section 23-1-362 Authority to audit financial records of municipality, county, and airport authority receiving funds.
      14. Section 23-1-364 State Airports Development Fund.
      15. Section 23-1-363 Authority to receive grants, donations, loans, etc., disposition of same for general promotion, advancement, of aeronautics.
      16. Section 23-1-365 Disposition and disbursement of State Airports Development Fund and other funds.
      17. Section 23-1-366 Disbursement of state appropriated funds; exception as to funds deposited in Surplus Military Fields Fund.
      18. Section 23-1-367 Enforcement of aeronautics law; enforcement powers generally.
      19. Section 23-1-368 Investigations; administration of oaths; subpoena of witnesses; enforcement of subpoena.
      20. Section 23-1-369 Reports of investigations; limitations on use; prohibitions against compulsion of testimony.
      21. Section 23-1-370 Intervention in certain controversies.
      22. Section 23-1-371 Formulation, adoption, of aircraft approach plans; airspace reservations.
      23. Section 23-1-372 Approval of sites and licensing of airports.
      24. Section 23-1-373 Certificate of approval or license for airport, landing field - Standards for issuance.
      25. Section 23-1-374 Revocation, refusal to issue or renew license; procedure for review under the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act.
      26. Section 23-1-375 Operation of airport, landing field, without license prohibited; application for certificate of approval of proposed airport or landing field; limitation of operations conducted on licensed airport.
      27. Section 23-1-376 Authority to conduct public hearings in considering application for approval of airport.
      28. Section 23-1-377 Exceptions.
      29. Section 23-1-378 Acquisition, construction, operation of airports, facilities, power of condemnation generally.
      30. Section 23-1-379 Acquisition of easements and other airport protection privileges.
      31. Section 23-1-380 Exercise of power of eminent domain.
      32. Section 23-1-381 Lease of property, airports or space, improvements, for aeronautical purposes; airport concessions.
      33. Section 23-1-382 Possession, display, of federal license, certificate, rating or permit; exceptions.
      34. Section 23-1-383 Jurisdiction of crimes and torts: state, municipal, immunity from liability.
      35. Section 23-1-384 Contracts made during flight.
      36. Section 23-1-385 Domestic animals or fowl on airports.
      37. Section 23-1-386 Trespass upon and operation of vehicles on airports.
      38. Section 23-1-387 Use of aircraft for hunting, prohibited.
      39. Section 23-1-388 Reckless operation of aircraft.
      40. Section 23-1-389 Unauthorized use, possession, etc., of aircraft.
      41. Section 23-1-390 Penalties for violation of this article.
      42. Section 23-1-391 Effective date of transfer of balances, funds.
    1. Article 1 Alabama Turnpike Authority.
    2. Article 2 State Toll Bridge Authority.
    3. Article 3 Dauphin Island Bridge Authority.
    4. Article 4 Toll Tunnels and Bridges Designated as Parts of Interstate Highway System.
      1. Section 23-2-120 Maintenance of tolls; prohibition against further bonded indebtedness.
      2. Section 23-2-121 When newly constructed tunnel or bridge deemed part of existing facility.
      3. Section 23-2-122 Toll facilities to be operated as free facilities after payment of outstanding indebtedness.
    5. Article 5 Alabama Toll Road, Bridge and Tunnel Authority.
      1. Section 23-2-140 Short title.
      2. Section 23-2-141 Intent and purpose of article.
      3. Section 23-2-142 Definitions.
      4. Section 23-2-143 Established and incorporated; members; officers; quorum; vacancies; fidelity bonds; compensation.
      5. Section 23-2-144 Powers generally.
      6. Section 23-2-145 Advertisement for construction bids; award of contract; work done by force account.
      7. Section 23-2-146 Grade separations at intersections; relocation of public highways; authority to enter private lands to drill, survey, etc.; relocation, etc., of public utility facilities; procedures; costs.
      8. Section 23-2-147 Bonds; issuance; forms; procedures, etc.
      9. Section 23-2-148 Refunding bonds; purposes.
      10. Section 23-2-149 Trust agreements securing bond issues; authorized provisions protecting holders; pledge of revenues.
      11. Section 23-2-150 Authority to collect tolls, revenues, etc.; to lease to utilities; toll rates adjusted to conform to trust agreement.
      12. Section 23-2-151 Revenues deemed trust funds; depository deemed trustee.
      13. Section 23-2-152 Bondholder's and trustee's rights of enforcement; scope of rights.
      14. Section 23-2-153 Tax exempt status of authority's property and revenues; rationale.
      15. Section 23-2-154 Bonds legal investments for all purposes; entitled to be deposited with state officers or agencies.
      16. Section 23-2-155 Authority to maintain own toll roads, bridges and tunnels.
      17. Section 23-2-156 Rules and regulations governing use of toll roads, etc.; violations; penalties; police force; jurisdiction.
      18. Section 23-2-157 Lease, grant, etc., of county, city, etc., property to authority.
      19. Section 23-2-158 Annual report to Legislature; contents; annual audit; expense.
      20. Section 23-2-159 Conflict of interest; penalty.
      21. Section 23-2-160 Transfer of toll road, bridge, etc., to state; when.
      22. Section 23-2-161 State Department of Transportation authorized to expend funds to study proposed projects; reimbursement by authority; authority cannot incur indebtedness which makes state liable.
    1. Section 23-3-1 Definitions.
    2. Section 23-3-2 Declaration of policy.
    3. Section 23-3-3 Authority to plan, etc., facilities; regulation, etc., thereof.
    4. Section 23-3-4 Design authority; commercial establishments.
    5. Section 23-3-5 Acquisition of property and property rights.
    6. Section 23-3-6 Elimination of intersections at grade.
    7. Section 23-3-7 Local service roads and streets.
    8. Section 23-3-8 Agreements with federal or local governments.
    1. Article 1 Counties or Municipalities.
      1. Section 23-4-1 Application.
      2. Section 23-4-2 Procedure.
      3. Section 23-4-3 Contest by interested persons.
      4. Section 23-4-4 Recordation of report by commissioners; payment of costs and damages.
      5. Section 23-4-5 Appeals.
      6. Section 23-4-6 Article deemed cumulative.
    2. Article 2 Abutting Landowners.
      1. Section 23-4-20 Vacation of street or alley.
  5. Chapter 5 OFFENSES.
    1. Section 23-5-2 Driving around, destruction, etc., of detour or warning sign, or barricade or fence.
    2. Section 23-5-6 Trash, litter, etc., upon public thoroughfare - Driver presumed offender when items thrown from vehicle.
    3. Section 23-5-7 Trash, litter, etc., upon public thoroughfare - Erection of signs.
    4. Section 23-5-8 Trash, litter, etc., upon public thoroughfare - Enforcement.
    5. Section 23-5-9 Trash, litter, etc., upon public thoroughfare - Provisions deemed cumulative.
    6. Section 23-5-13 Violation of State Department of Transportation rules or regulations.
    7. Section 23-5-14 Violation of rules, etc., enacted by county commission relative to public roads, etc., of county.
    1. Section 23-6-1 Definitions.
    2. Section 23-6-2 Purposes of public corporation; supervision of construction by State Department of Transportation; department's power to assign, contract, etc., construction work; construction of chapter.
    3. Section 23-6-3 Authority to incorporate.
    4. Section 23-6-4 Proceeding to incorporate.
    5. Section 23-6-5 Certificate of incorporation; recording; no fees to be paid to Secretary of State on incorporation or dissolution.
    6. Section 23-6-6 Members, officers and directors of corporation; vacancies; compensation; record of proceedings; record as evidence.
    7. Section 23-6-7 Corporate powers.
    8. Section 23-6-8 Bonds of corporation; annual appropriation from state Public Road and Bridge Fund.
    9. Section 23-6-8.1 Annual appropriation from Public Road and Bridge Fund.
    10. Section 23-6-9 Disposition of bond proceeds; industrial access road and bridge construction account; refunding bonds; contracts for construction, etc., of roads and bridges; performance of work done without contract; property acquired by corporation; roads and bridges constructed to be part of public highway system; appropriation for road and bridge construction.
    11. Section 23-6-10 Revenues of corporation.
    12. Section 23-6-11 State Treasurer to disburse funds.
    13. Section 23-6-12 Dissolution of corporation.
Section 23-1-1

Contracts and regulations relative to federal assistance.

The State Department of Transportation, by and through the director, is hereby authorized to enter into all necessary contracts and agreements with the United States government or any agency or officer thereof in accordance with any act of Congress relating to the construction, maintenance, and beautification of highways, bridges, tunnels or ferries, or other matters relating thereto, to establish, promulgate, and enforce all reasonable rules and regulations which may be necessary for the effective implementation and cooperation with the provisions of such acts and to do all other things necessary to secure to the state and its counties and municipalities the full benefits provided by such acts.

(Acts 1977, No. 20, p. 28.)
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